Eating with the Seasons is a multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture Program, or
CSA. Subscribing to our program provides our growers a stable income during the
growing season in exchange for a share of the food produced.

We work with a network of local, organic farmers and producers who are dedicated to
delivering only the highest quality food possible to our members, and are proud of the
community we've developed over the last decade.

Owner Becky Herbert’s utmost goal with Eating with the Seasons is to be the uniting force
for all high quality, organic food producers in San Benito County, which is the home base
of the CSA. San Benito County offers a wealth of bounty from dozens of varieties of
produce, grassfed meats, eggs from pasture-raised chickens, olive oil, bread, and much

Beyond its boundaries, Becky has also built partnerships with other food artisans that are
committed to organic, sustainable, Fair Trade, and humanely produced food in an effort
to offer members access to an array of locally produced goods that can support a healthy,
high-nutritional diet in a convenient way.

Making friends with these good folks is what inspired Becky to create the first
customizable CSA in the country. People have been eager to participate – partly out of the
good will that her father, Pat Herbert, a fourth generation California farmer, has created
with the family’s farm. And partly because we all share a vision of food that supports our
community, nourishes our bodies, and inspires us to honor the work of all who bring such
wonderful edibles to our table.  
Who We Are
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