Policies & Procedures

Communication is the main ingredient to all relationships. As such, we ask that all new
members signing up for our program please review our Policies and Procedures to fully
understand how our system works.

Our website, weekly emails, and newsletter are our ways of keeping members updated
about our program so please be sure to read all communication to keep up to date on
all the goings on of our program.

Please note that we reserve the right to change any of the policies listed
at any time. We also reserve the right to cancel a membership at any time if rules and
regulations are not honored. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Changing membership preferences may be done at the end of a pay period. Because
we plan with our farmers based on your prepaid membership, we ask that you use up
what you’ve paid for before we remove the option from your account. Letting us know
as soon as you have decided you would like to make a change is appreciated so that we
can plan to do so at the beginning of the next pay period.

You may change your pick up location if needed. We just need to receive the request
before your order deadline for the given week you would like the switch to take effect.

If you know in advance you will be out of town, please let us know so we do not expect
an order from you! If we are notified prior to the billing period in which you will be
gone, we will subtract it from your total beforehand. If you have already paid and need
to cancel your order we will credit you on your next bill. Alternately, you may elect to
have a friend pickup your order or ask us to donate your food to our community
pantry. Please contact us to make arrangements for whatever option you prefer.

We rely on members to notify us when they choose to cancel their membership.
Emailing or phoning are the best ways. We appreciate 7 days advance notice. If you
forget to tell us you will still be responsible
for the price of bags being delivered. Unfortunately, because we do not issue cash
reimbursements, if you have paid for the entire season and need to cancel your
membership, you can opt to donate the food to our community pantry or find a friend
to take over your membership.


If you need to cancel your order, we just need to be notified by the end of the members
order window for the delivery week they wish to cancel to be able to credit their
If you pick up on:
• Mondays or Tuesdays, we need to know by Friday at 1 PM of the
week before.
• Wednesdays, we need to know by Saturday at 12 PM of the week before.
• Thursdays, we need to know by Monday at 12 PM the week of delivery.
• Fridays, we need to know by Tuesday at 12 PM the week of delivery.

This policy is in place because we coordinate what quantities of each
crop we will need with the farmers ahead of time based on how many orders we are
anticipating. Thanks for your consideration when making your vacation plans.

PLEASE NOTE: All Membership levels are automatically enrolled in our program EXCEPT
if you are doing a 4-week trial. Be sure to let us know
if you intend to discontinue your membership after you have used all of the deliveries
you are paid for, and before your next payment is due, to avoid auto-renewal of your
space in our program.

If we do not hear from you by the deadline for your delivery day, we choose your fruits
and vegetables for you based on your previous selections and what is available from
our farmers that week. If you have any likes or dislikes you would like us to keep on file
should we need to fill an order in for you, feel free to call or email us with your requests.
Because we are getting produce directly from farms and the weather
determines crop availability, we ask that you list a couple of alternate items in
addition to your first choices in case we cannot give you exactly what you
want. Our farmers do their best to estimate what will be ready for us, but
occasionally some items are just not ready or the quality is not up to our
standards. If you do not provide alternate choices, we select them for you.

If you do not show up to pick up your order, you are still required to pay for it.
If your bag has not been picked up within the designated time frame, it is
considered ‘donated’ and your account will not be credited. This includes all
products we sell. If a last minute issue arises and you need to make other pick
up arrangements, please give us a call. Most pick up site hosts are flexible with
rescheduling your pick-up time.

We do our best to be 100% accurate with your orders every week, but
occasionally there will be a mix-up. If you find a problem with your order, or
you have trouble locating your order, please call us right away to resolve the
issue. Pick-up site hosts are providing a place for pick up only and are not
responsible for replacing missing or incorrect orders.
PLEASE NOTE: Any claims made after 24 hours will not be credited so please
call us right away so we can help you!

Beef orders are left in a cooler at the pick-up site. You are financially
responsible for any orders that you placed, and we packed and delivered to you.

We encourage you to return paper bags your order came in as
well as egg cartons, glass jars, freezer packs and temperature control bags that
come inside your order which are clean and in good condition.


Membership Payment Due Dates
ANNUAL MEMBER PAYMENTS: If paying for the full year, which gives you a 4%
discount off your dues, payment will be due before your initial delivery.

SEASONAL MEMBER PAYMENTS: If paying by the season, which gives you 3%
off your dues, payment will be due before the initial delivery of the new season:

For Winter, payment is due by January 4th. For Spring, payment is due by
March 6th. For Summer, payment is due by July 4th.
For Fall, payment is due by September 6th.

MONTHLY MEMBER PAYMENTS: If paying on a monthly
basis, payments are billed by the 5th of each month. Payments are
automatically processed on or around this day of the month.

Late Payments
If your card is declined at the time of processing, a notification via email will be
sent to you. We ask that you log in to your account at your earliest
convenience with updated payment information prior to your next scheduled
delivery. A $5 late fee will be applied to member accounts who have not done
so by the 10th of the month. Failure to submit payment by the 15th of the
month will result in suspension of service until payment is received. If you fail
to pay by the 30th of the month, your account will be sent to collections. If
your account is delinquent for 1 or more months, then we must receive
payment by the 5th of the month to avoid a suspension of your account.

To avoid late payments on your account, we recommend keeping updated
payment information on file at all times.

No Cash Refunds
No cash reimbursements will be given in the event of a cancelled membership.
A member has the option to use up their paid dues, have a friend take over
their membership, or may donate the food to our community pantry.
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