Our Farmers & Producers
This is a partial list of some of our food partners. Please visit our
online store to see additional partners and what their offerings are —
some are constant, and some are available seasonally.
Produce Suppliers

Herbert Family Organic Farm
Our Dad, Pat Herbert, is a 4th generation farmer. He builds his soil
with nutrient-rich compost We offer his carrots, beets, red and yellow
onions, sweet corn, and chili peppers which are all extra tasty thanks
to his dedication to building top-quality soil for his crops. Visit his
website to learn more about his composting, and how you can
purchase some for your own gardening needs!

Far West Funghi
For over 25 years the Garrone family has been passionate about
growing the tastiest mushrooms around. Their farm is located in Moss
Landing which is about a quarter-mile from the ocean. The ocean
breeze makes this the perfect location to yield not only a large supply
of mushrooms but also have the deepest flavors we've ever tasted!
Available year-round, we are pleased to offer their shiitake and oyster
mushrooms most weeks of the CSA program.

Fruitilicious Farm
"Our fruit is grown with the utmost attention to organic nutrition and
pest management. Most of our trees are on standard rootstock in the
fertile soils of Watsonville whose deep roots can nourish apples of
superior quality and taste. We use Herbert Family’s compost in our
orchards. We grow apples, avocados, blueberries, citrus, figs, lemons,
pears, quince, and stone fruits."

Phil Foster Ranches (Pinnacle Organically Grown Produce)
Based in San Juan Bautista, Phil Foster is our prime source for
vegetables due to his top-quality, always-fresh produce. He, too,
makes his own compost and grows an array of fruits and veggies year
From their website: "Phil and Katherine Foster farm 250 acres of
C.C.O.F. andI.F.O.A.M. certified organic fruit and vegetables on two
ranches near San Juan Bautista and Hollister, California.  We have a
diverse range of crops, marketing up to 60 produce items at the peak
of the season.  We sell at the farm on Saturdays, atfarmers markets,
through local retail stores, local wholesalers, and several national
wholesalers.  We strive to maintain the Pinnacle label's high quality by
treating our workers, our products, our land, our community and our
planet with utmost respect."

Grateful Greens
Grateful Greens is located in Brentwood and grows wheatgrass,
sprouted green mixes, pea shoots, and more in greenhouses.  It has
been growing in Northern California for over 12 years.  They are
compliant with all food safety regulations related to sprouts and are
audited annually by a third party Food Safety auditing agency.  They
have received a Superior rating for Food Safety each year for over 12
years.  They also have been certified organic by CCOF. Their mission is
to provide high quality fresh organic sprouts to the local market to
contribute to support their customers’ nutrition and health.

Jelich Ranch
In May of 2000, Cindie & Phil White purchased the century old 14-
acre historic "Jelich Ranch", from the Jelich family. Rather than
subdivide and turn the valuable Silicon Valley parcel into a residential
development project, they have chosen to focus on the preservation
of history and nature. Since 2000, they have been working hard to
develop the orchard as an organic enterprise by cleaning up the
property, restoring the orchard, replacing diseased trees and adding
new fruit varieties.  The ranch has been certified organic since October
2003. They also supply us with fantastic jams and preserves.
Lakeside Organic Gardens
Lakeside is a family owned and operated business. The Peixotos have
been farming in the Pajaro round. Our favorites include their spinach,
cauliflower, and beets! Located in Watsonville.

Larry Hirahara Family Farm
Larry grows the biggest, sweetest blueberries in May and June we've
ever had! He also grows very sweet grapes in late summer we can't
resist. His farm is located in Madera, and Larry adds Dad's
nutrient-rich compost to his soil which we believe is the secret
ingredient to these savory fruits.

Mariquita Farm
Andy Griffin and Julia Wiley grow interesting varieties of vegetables in
Aromas, Hollister, and Corralitos for "people who love to cook in the
Bay Area." Be sure to check out their recipes, and sign up for their
newsletter. Even if you're not one of their CSA members, Andy's
writings and Julia's incredible attention to sourcing great recipes are
great resources for home cooks and chefs alike.

Rodoni Farm
Rodoni is a third generation farm, transitioning into the organic
markets over the last 10 years. They have over 100 acres certified
organic by CCOF and are growing brussel sprouts, leeks, artichokes,
beets, peas, beans and pumpkins.

The first generation of farmers began in 1920 when Dante Rodoni
came from Italy to the USA. At age 16, he moved with his family to
the Hoover Ranch on Waddell Creek and worked with his father in
cattle. In 1935, Dante Rodoni went into farming Brussels sprouts with
his brother-in-law, Pete Rinaldi. Dante retired in 1974 but continued
his active interest in farming through his two sons until his death in
1989 at age 80. Mr. Rodoni turned the farm over to Mario, who still
farms as M. Rodoni & Co. with his sons, Dan and Bill.

Rodriguez Ranch
Roberto and Manuel grow the best strawberries in Santa Cruz County!

Francisco Serrano
A wonderful raspberry, blueberry and strawberry grower in Los
Lomos, he achieved his vision with the assistance of ALBA.

TD Willey
Tom and Denesse farm 75 acres in the Central San Joaquin Valley in
Madera, California. They have been farming since 1980 and certified
organic by California Certified Organic Farmers since 1987.

Watered by snow melt streams from the Sierra Nevada, the rich
alluvial soils of this region make up the most productive farmscape on
earth. They follow the four seasons of the mild Mediterranean climate
to produce a year-round palette of bountiful vegetable production.
Tom and a staff of ten grow everything from artichokes to rutabagas
using the latest in biological fertility systems. Denesse manages the
hand-harvest, sales and shipping with her permanent staff of 55 and
sometimes the help of as many as 40 additional people.
BREAD SRSLY bakes breads using whole grain, certified gluten free
flours, local and organic produce, herbs and home-dried fruits in
rambunctious varieties like kale sourdough, whole grain chai and
apricot fennel. We source our ingredients from local, sustainable
producers, and craft each one of our gluten-free goods with care.
Baked in small batches, all lovely loaves and muffins are also free of
dairy, egg, nut, soy, chickpea, potato, tapioca,
and, of course, wheat.
Panorama Bakery
Based in San Francisco, Panorama recognizes the city is a food lover’s
paradise where quality is in very high demand. They know that the
majority of people here are serious about what they eat, and believe a
sandwich can’t be excellent if it’s not put together on excellent bread.
These are the people for whom Panorama Baking Co. was built.
Nana Joes
Michelle's story: "Nana Joes Granola was born with the help of my
friends and family. I was making my own granola and giving it away so
others could enjoy it. One afternoon my sweet boyfriend said, "Why
don't you sell it?" A very simple statement and question that made my
head spin with thoughts and ideas of owning my own business. I
didn't even think twice, I went downtown to the courthouse and
applied for all of the permits and the licenses. Then came the taste
tests, the packaging, the granola peddling and the bookkeeping. I'm
excited for every next step and hope each one of you will travel along
this journey with Nana Joes."
18 Rabbits
The ingredients in their granola and granola bars come from local
farms, and are made with organic ingredients when they can be
sourced locally. We love the Cheeky Cherry Bars! Visit their website to
find new ways to enjoy their delicious granola.
Conserves, Pickles, & Juice
Emmy’s Pickles & Jams
From the website: "Emmy’s was founded in San Francisco in 2010. We
offer artisan pickled vegetables and preserved fruits, sourcing our
produce exclusively from local, organic farms. Our products are all
made in small batches using only seasonal fruits and vegetables."

Frog Hollow Farm
The BEST local source for fresh stone fruits and conserves! Visit their
lovely website for a history of their farm. We also offer their granola,
which is one of our personal favorite locally made cereals.
Happy Girl Kitchen
Todd and Jordan Champagne own and operate this enterprise
dedicated to the preservation of food from local, organic farmers. Each
jar is packed with the flavor of each product as its peak. Their list of
offerings include low-sugar jams, salsa, ketchup, crushed heirloom
tomatoes, pickled vegetables and more! Visit their website to read
more about their endeavors and unique story which led them to be
food preservationists!

From the website: "We make fresh, seasonal jams from organic fruit
sourced within 150 miles of our Emeryville kitchen. by sourcing
produce directly from local organic farmers we're able to get the best
possible fruit—fruit that’s picked ripe and is absolutely fresh.

"Our single-varietal jams are crafted so that each fruit varietal's unique
essence and natural subtleties shine through in bright flavors.  a jar of
jam contains fruit from a single source!  We don't mix fruit, we don't
add herbs, spices or flavorings— INNA jam tastes like the freshly
picked fruit from which it was made, each jar a time capsule of flavor."  
Baia Pasta
Artisanal pasta, made in Oakland. Says the Wall Street Journal: "Raised
in Italy, Baia Pasta founder Renato Sardo realized two years ago how
silly it was that while much of
the durum wheat used by Italians comes
from North America, no one here was
making fantastic pasta with it.
This is what pasta must've tasted like in
ancient Rome."
Pasta & Rice
Massa Organics
Massa Organics is part of a small family farm located along the
Sacramento River near Chico, California. Massa Organics is managed
by Greg Massa and Raquel Krach, in partnership with Greg's parents,
Manuel and Mary Beth. They partner with other members of the
organic community to distribute their products through farmers
markets, CSA's and grocery stores.

From their website: "For nearly one hundred years, and across four
generations, our family has grown rice on our farm in Hamilton City,
Herbs & Spices
McFadden Farm Based in Mendocino, McFadden farm offers a variety of herbs and spices as well as spice blends such as Italian, Herbes de
Provence, Salad Herbs and more!
Grassfed Beef, Chicken, Pork & more
Paicines Ranch
The Paicines Ranch (or Rancho Cienega de los Paicines), located in
Paicines, California, has been a working ranch since the mid-1800s.
Paicines is located in San Benito County (just south of Santa Clara
County), approximately 10 miles south of Hollister, California. Their
mission is to keep the Paicines Ranch as a working ranch and open
space for future generations to enjoy and also to restore many of the
historic buildings on the property.We offer a variety of cuts available
by the piece once a month. Visit their website to learn more about
their ranching practices.

Pasture Chick Ranch
Lisa Knutson raises her chickens on a
pasture in the beautiful Santa Ana Valley
of Hollister.  With rave reviews on her
Facebook page (linked above), her
dedication is obvious in providing the
best care for the animals she raises…
humanely and with love.
Linda's Tasty Pork
A 9th generation Californian, Linda Ferrasci operates Rancho
Chupinos, which has been in the family since 1878. The 5th
generation to operate the ranch, which raised cattle sheep and barley
when she was young, at the age of 7 she talked her dad into letting
her get a pig. She had 7 sows with babies by the time she went off to
college, which helped fund her way. She graduated with an Animal
Science degree in 1978 from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
In her quest for the ultimate pork, the Berkshire breed is the tastiest
breed Linda’s found. She’s become known far and wide for the taste,
quality and reputation of her pork.

Morris Grassfed Beef
Morris Grassfed Beef provides certified, 100% grassfed and finished
beef to customers throughout California. Their beef is processed in
USDA inspected facilities, cut & wrapped by small-scale artisan
butchers. They are certified by the American Grassfed Association who
monitors humane treatment, land stewardship and meat quality. They
are a family owned company who practice Holistic Management™ on
the rangelands they manage, taking into account the land, animals,
and people affected by our decisions.
Cienaga Orchards
Our hens have free range over three acres of grass pasture. They eat
grass, insects and seeds which we supplement with organic feed. We
believe in food that nourishes your soul as well as your body, that
makes you feel as good as it tastes.
Pasture Chick Ranch
Lisa Knutson raises her chickens on a pasture in the beautiful Santa
Ana Valley of Hollister.  With rave reviews on her Facebook page
(linked above), you can learn more of her dedication to providing the
best care for the animals she raises…humanely and with love.
Egg Suppliers
Central Coast Creamery
Starting this company has been a passion, a labor of love for Reggie
Jones. It had been his dream since he began working in the cheese
industry in 1991. As a result of his working experience, he believes
that Central Coast Creamery has the rare ability to combine the best
of science and the art of cheesemaking to bring unique cheeses of
exceptional quality to American cheese lovers.  

Garden Variety
Garden Variety Cheese is a small farmstead cheese business based out
of Northern Monterey County on 40-acre Monkeyflower Ranch. who
began commercial milking and cheese production in March 2009.
Cheesemaker and shepherdess, Rebecca King, brings years of research
and work as a chef in an organic bistro in Santa Cruz, California, to
achieve her life dream.

Spring Hill
Located in Sonoma County California, a herd of 400 Jersey cows
provides the milk for Spring Hill Jersey Cheese's growing line of
farmstead cheeses. Smaller than Holsteins (the archetypal black and
white cow) which produce a greater quantity yield; the milk of Jersey
cows contains a higher butter fat, resulting in an incomparable rich,
creamy flavor.
Because of its low quantity yield, the Jersey is no longer common in
most commercial dairy operations. Larry Peter began his dairy in
1987, and started producing Spring Hill Jersey Cheese in 1998. The
homestead, artisan cheese produced by Spring Hill is made entirely
from the milk of pasture-grazed Jersey cows. The difference in taste is
All Spring Hill cheeses are produced with pasteurized milk. The fresh
cheeses are aged from 3-5 weeks, the Jacks 3-6 months, and the
Cheddars 1-3years.
Cheese & Tofu
Hodo Soy
As a child in Vietnam, Minh often took a morning stroll with his
grandpa to the neighborhood tofu shack. The freshness and artisan-
quality of the soymilk, tofu and yuba of his childhood eluded Minh for
many years after he moved to the U.S.. Finally, in 2004, he founded
Hodo Soy with the simple mission of crafting the highest quality, best-
tasting, freshest soymilk, tofu, and yuba (tofu skins) possible.

From their website: "At Hodo Soy, our mission is to craft the highest
quality tofu and create innovative and delicious tofu-based artisan
foods that will forever change the way you know tofu. Our hand-
crafted tofu is made from organic, non-GMO, US-grown, whole
soybeans. Hodo tofu reflects, in both taste and nutrition, the high
quality ingredients we use."

Valley Ford Cheese Company
Mountain View Jerseys is the ranch for Valley Ford Cheese. The
ranch's history includes over one hundred years of dairying family
tradition in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Paul Bianchi and his two
children, Karen Bianchi-Moreda and Steve Bianchi, are the fifth
generation of the family who currently own and operate Mountain
View Jerseys.

Karen and Steve knows are very proud of their heritage as dairy
farmers, and pleased to be creating brand new cheeses based on the
traditional methods of cheesemaking that their ancestors used many
years ago. The farmstead cheese comes from a “closed” herd (500+
Jersey cows, milked daily) that is dedicated to top quality health and
nutrition programs.
Coffee & Tea
Bicycle Coffee
The founders love good coffee and we really like to ride bicycles, so
they decided to combine the two. They roast quality coffee in their
custom built roaster and deliver it by bicycle. They only roast organic,
fair-trade, Arabica beans grown by farm cooperatives.

Bicycle Coffee was started in 2009 by three brothers, a cousin, and a
family friend. The idea of delivering coffee by bicycle came about while
trekking through the rain forests of Central America. The original plan
was to move to a tropical country and live in tree-houses, but after
they started hanging out with coffee farmers, they began to
appreciate all the hard work that goes into a good cup of coffee. They
learned first-hand how quality coffee is grown, picked, and roasted.

Upon returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, they built a small-batch
roaster, and began roasting beans. Their committment to high quality
beans and roasting methods can be found in the smooth, rich flavors
of their product.
Mountanos Brothers Coffee
As avid seekers of top-quality organic, fair trade coffees, we could not
find a source better than family-owned Mountanos Brothers in South
San Francisco. Not only do they have several blends of coffees and
teas available, but their old-fashioned roasting method makes their
product the smoothest, most flavorful brews we can find.
Numi Organic Tea
After spending many years apart traveling the world and pursuing
interests in art, brother and sister Ahmed and Reem Rahim met up
during a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and discussed starting a
tea business. Ahmed had been living abroad and had owned and
operated teahouses in Europe while Reem had been studying art in
Northern California. They wanted to create an entity that would
encompass both of their passions.

In 1999, after observing that competing brands in the U.S. tea market
differed little from one another in quality, consistency, and selection,
Numi was created in a tiny 750 sq/ft apt in Oakland, CA. Inspired by
art and exotic teas, Reem and Ahmed created a company whose
hallmark is super-premium, organic and Fair Trade Certified teas and
herbal teas made with 100% real ingredients.
Honey & Maple Syrup
Gipson's Golden
Producers of honey offering an array of flavors sure to please
everyone's taste buds. We love the Star Thistle, Clover, and Wildflower
Mead & Mead's
Coming from a family owned and operated
farm in rural New England, Mead and Mead's
offers 100% pure maple syrup that's great on
pancakes, waffles, fruits, winter squash, yogurt,
ice cream, cereal, and more!
Olives/Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar
Apollo Olive Oil
Apollo Olive Oil is a small, family-run business with a local focus. Their
goal is to produce flavorful and healthy olive oils in the finest tradition,
with a commitment to craftsmanship extending from grove to bottle.
They tend their trees with organic, sustainable methods, harvest by
hand at optimum ripeness and closely monitor every phase of the
milling process.

Their oils are among the few in California that are certified both
organic and extra virgin. They are raw, unadulterated and 100%
cold-pressed on the only mill in America designed to preserve the
highest levels of flavor, nutrients and antioxidants.
Oils of Paicines
Oils of Paicines is a small, family-run business that makes the perfect
light oil that goes well on salads. It's also great for roasting
vegetables and used as a dipping sauce. We also offer their Balsamic
Vinegar, which is not produced locally, but we find is the perfect
accompaniment to their olive oil.

McEvoy Ranch
Nan McEvoy was in search of a "wonderful place in the country." On
her quest for a place where her grandchildren could fully experience
the beauty of Northern California, she fell in love with a sprawling 550
acres in Petaluma, previously a dairy farm and strictly zoned for
Inspired by her love of Tuscan olive oil and The Feast of the Olive by
Maggie Klein (a book given to her by her son, Nion), she met with
one of Italy's foremost experts on the subject, Maurizio Castelli. Three
days later he was on the ranch. Despite the obvious challenges
involved in producing olive oil in Marin County, and against the
advice of many, Nan imported 1000 seedlings from Tuscany. Her
renegade decision-making has been a boon and a benefit to all those
who have discovered the ranch and its abundance.
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