“Join this program!

You won't find better produce anywhere, and I love the convenience
of having it delivered right to my office. The best part is that, unlike
other CSAs, you actually get to pick which fruits and veggies you
want, so you always get the stuff you like. You can also change the
size of your order each week so that you can order more if you have
guests, or less if you're going out of town. And I love knowing that
my produce is not only organic, it's local, from small family farms that
need our support!”

—Orli C., San Francisco

“We love being part of the CSA…

It's a win-win situation. We get to pick which fresh, locally grown
organic vegetables we want each week, delivered conveniently to our
town, plus we get to feel good knowing that we are supporting our
community by supporting
our local farmers.”

—June E. & Family, Aromas

“I love Eating with the Seasons…

First for the incredibly fresh, flavorful produce (not to mention eggs,
fair-trade coffee, tea, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken)—all
from specified local organic farms; second for the really small-scale
and personal customer service; third for the very reasonable cost;
fourth for the flexibility of the program (that I get to choose and vary
exactly what and how much I want on a week-to-week basis)… And I
love that it gets delivered right to my office!”

—Amber W., San Francisco

“I love having Christmas every week!”
—Louise W., Saratoga

“I was set to find a CSA program that I will use regularly.

“I started out with Planet Organics, Albert & Eve and then Farm Fresh
to you, and finally this week, I picked-up my first bag of produce from
Eating with the Seasons. As I rushed home and examined my veggies
and fruit, I found them very clean and edible in comparison to other
CSA's produce (oh yes…some sent me rotten tomatoes and soft
onions!). Not only do the vegetables and fruit look fresh, they also
taste extremely good. I also ordered the eggs, and they, too, tasted
so great. So I guess I will not need to look any further and just stick
with Eating with the Seasons. Highly recommended!”

—Millie N., San Francisco Yelp review (5 out of 5)
Member Testimonials
"I love Eating with the Seasons!

“What I receive in my weekly order is literally the freshest and tastiest
produce around. Opening my bag of fruits and vegetables is such a
treat--it makes me so happy! Because the produce is delivered each
week to a location right by my office, the convenience can't be beat.
They also offer meat, coffee, tea, and other dry goods, allowing me to
cut out almost all trips to the grocery store. And finally, the produce is
all organic and locally grown by family farms-- I think eating this way
is so important, and the Eat with the Seasons service makes it super
easy. I can't recommend them highly enough!”

—Carey J., San Francisco

“Eating with the Seasons is amazing! It's ridiculous:

How much time I save not having to go to the grocery store, farmers
markets, etc.
How much money I save by not eating out - I always have some kind
of delicious assortment of produce at home now
How healthy I am eating.
The bounty of delicious fruits and vegetable I have to choose from.
How convenient it is for me to pick up my bag literally two blocks
from my house.
How nice it is to support a small business, working extra hard to make
something rad like this happen, instead of a big huge chain store with
questionable business practices such as Whole Foods.
“Eating With the Seasons is great because I get the ability to CHOOSE
what I want in my bag each week. We chose this CSA based on this
option. I can spend 5 minutes a week picking everything I want with
the click of a button. Most CSA boxes just give you what they have on
thair own small farm, leaving you with a box of stuff that you may feel
totally uninspired to deal with. I like that EWTS sources from a bunch
of local farms so that customers can have more options.

“They offer coffee, tea, honeys, fresh baked bread, meat, nuts, jams,
pickles, and more…what else can you ask for?

“Their quality and prices are excellent. I have spent a lot more for a
much smaller quantity of fresh fruits/veggies at places like Rainbow,
Whole Foods, and farmers markets.

“As far as customer service, a few weeks ago I had to leave town for
an unexpected emergency and wasn't going to be able to Pick-up my
bag on the normal day/time. I emailed with my concerns, and was told
not to worry, that I would be able to pick it up the following evening. I
really appreciated the flexibility and accommodation. That's what I call
great customer service.”
—Heather, San Francisco Customer (Yelp review 5 out of 5)
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