Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: Current Members
What if I need to cancel my order?
If you need to cancel your order, we just need to be notified by the end
of the members order window for the delivery week they wish to cancel
to be able to credit their account:
If you pick up on:
• Mondays or Tuesdays, we need to know by Friday at 1 PM of the
week before.
• Wednesdays, we need to know by Saturday at 12 PM of the week
• Thursdays, we need to know by Monday at 12 PM the week of delivery.
• Fridays, we need to know by Tuesday at 12 PM the week of delivery.

This policy is in place because we coordinate what quantities of each
crop we will need with the farmers ahead of time based on how many
orders we are anticipating. Thanks for your consideration when making
your vacation plans.

What if there was an error with my order?
If you find a problem with your order, or you have trouble locating your
order, please contact us within 24 hours of your delivery day to resolve
the issue. Any claims made after 24 hours will not be credited. Pick-up
site hosts are providing a place for pick up only and are not responsible
for replacing missing or incorrect orders.

What happens when my 4-week trial ends?
Once you know whether you will continue after your trial ends please
contact us so that we can confirm what payment plan you would like
and if you want to change any of your membership preferences. If you
do not contact us after your 4 deliveries have been made, we will
automatically discontinue your membership and bill you for any
additional items you purchased during your trial if needed. However, we
do appreciate an email or phone call confirming your decision not to
continue at this time and do welcome any feedback you have.

What if I want to change or cancel my membership
Changing membership preferences may only be done at the end of a
pay period. Credit will not be given in the event a member wants to
cancel any portion of the membership on any given delivery. For
example, if you wish to cancel the Extra Strawberry Option or Eggs for
one week and you have already paid for them, you may do so but we
will not issue credit on your next statement. Another example: if you pay
for a Small, 8- item bag, but order an Extra Small, 6-item bag, credit will
not be given. Please be sure that you have ordered the correct quantity
of items that you have paid for when filling out the online order form to
avoid missing out.

How does ordering meat work?
We offer grassfed and pasture-raised meats once a month to each pick-
up day. Our calendar of the monthly schedule appears in our Weekly
Availability List Email so please look for the current schedule there.

What if I want to change my pick-up location?
You may change your pick-up location if there is space available at the
new desired spot. Changes must be made by calling or emailing us
before your order deadline for the given week you would like the switch
to take effect.

What if I missed my pick-up day?
If you do not show up to pick up your order, you are still required to
pay for it. If your bag has not been picked up with in the designated
time frame, it is considered ‘donated’ and your account will not be
credited. This includes all products we sell. If a last minute issue arises
and you need to make other pick up arrangements, please give us a call.
Most pick up site hosts are flexible with rescheduling your Pick-up time.

What if I need to cancel my membership?
We require 7 days notice to cancel your membership. We do not offer
cash refunds, so a member must either use the membership they’ve
paid for or consider it a donation. If you forget to tell us you need to
cancel your membership you will still be responsible for the price of
bags being delivered.

How do I get my recycling back to you?
We provide paper bags each week for your order. We ask that you leave
your paper bag from the week before at the pick-up site each week
when you pick up your order. Recycling is one small way we can make a
difference with the environment. It also keeps our costs down which is
greatly appreciated.

Can I use my own canvas bags for my weekly orders?
We will happily use canvas bags you already have. Please make sure
your name and pick-up location are clearly on the bag or attached on a
tag. We are not responsible for any bags that are given to us without a
name on it. When selecting a bag, please make sure it will be large
enough to accommodate your order. If we receive a bag that is too
small for your order, we will use a paper bag and return the canvas one
to you.
FAQ: Potential Members
Is All of Your Produce Organic?
Yes! We believe that organic food is the best-tasting, most nutrient-rich
food out there. It comes without pesticides, herbicides, or
fungicides making it healthier for you and the environment.

What Counts as ‘One’ Item?
The quantity varies per commodity and what is available to us.
A couple of examples: for greens (lettuce, chard, spinach, herbs) 1 bunch
or 1 head counts as one of your items. Any citrus (except grapefruit) or
apples 4 pieces of fruit count as one of your items. For vegetables like
zucchini, bell peppers, and rutabagas you get approximately one pound.
So the quantity you get depends on its size.

Do Eggs, Coffee, Tea, Etc., Count as Items in My Bag?
No, nuts, eggs, coffee, and tea may not be substitutes in your
membership bag. They may be purchased separately and you are billed
at the end of the month for any purchases made. Payment is always due
by the 5th of the following month.

Can I Try Your Program Before Committing for the Entire
Yes! We offer a 4-week trial period for those who are unsure a CSA
Membership will fit their lifestyle.
How Do I Know Which Bag Size is Right for Me?
The bag size best suited for you truly depends on the amount of fruits
and vegetables you and your household consume each week.
EXTRA SMALL: single people and households of two who eat a moderate
amount of produce each week.
SMALL BAG: family of two adults and two children who eat a moderate
amount of produce on a weekly basis.
MEDIUM BAG: family of 4 or more who incorporate several servings of
fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.
LARGE BAG: larger families and individuals who eat a mostly, or
completely vegetarian diet.

Where Do You Deliver?
We have delivery sites all over the Bay Area! For a complete list of drop
off locations,
click here. If you don't see a site in your area, give us a call
to see about setting one up in your neighborhood or office!

Can I Order Eggs or Other Items You Sell Without Being a
Unfortunately not. Because we work with small farms and producers, we
have access to limited supplies of each item we offer therefore we
reserve our inventory to members only.

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